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The City Classic Car Barn

The City Classic Car Sales Barn has received a stamp of approval from the world-renown City Classic Cars and Sabra Johnson. The Barn collection falls into 6 broad categories: The lap of luxury showcases the 4 door sedans many grew to love as children as these were the family cars and great as a kind of retro SUV.  The American Trucks are an ode to the vehicles that built this great country of ours. The Corvette Collection is a commitment to the restoration of America's most iconic sports car.  Muscle and more is just that, a focus on 66-72 muscle era cars as well as a mix of other cars that are fun and cute... Be sure to check out our convertible and Pony Collection.  Although all purchases are as-is-where-is, The Barn Collections are offered with full transparency of inspection report.  Ask About Available Financing Options.

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