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Classic Restorations & Custom Restomods 


Ready to Go Builds by Sabra

Welcome to a New Classic Car Buying Experience

Sabra Johnson, Celebrity Car Builder

The hardest part of the restoration process is waiting for the dream project to be completed. As a SEMA master car builder, it even takes Sabra Johnson and his all star team 12-18 months to complete an award winning project.  The City Classic Cars Barn offers ready to go builds purchased and inspected by Sabra and his team for your immediate experience and satisfaction.

What About The price? Unless the dilapidated project has strong sentimental value, Sabra says it is far cheaper to buy than build.


"The market is flooded with dream builds, custom rods and performance machines where the original restorer is willing to take a significant lost to the benefit of your current budget... You can buy for more car than you can build"- Sabra Johnson, Master SEMA Car Builder

The City Classic Car Barn gives our Hot Rod family an opportunity to share with friends and family the special gems we have located from around the world, fully inspected at our shop and tuned for your immediate driving pleasure. Remember, the biggest two hurdles in restoration are time and money. When you want immediate results and increased value, purchasing a ride from our Barn is the best route. 

Just Another Car-Guy, 

Sabra Johnson



Traditional restoration is characterized as returning a vehicle back to its original condition in an effort to return it to like-new condition ... more broadly restorations can be refurbished using either original or reproduction parts and techniques. Restorations are performed with a focus to completely restore or to preserve as many original components as possible throughout the course of the restoration. To Restore is to return back to an original condition. City Classic Cars is a premier automotive restoration facility in NW Houston Texas.



A Restomod (restoration + modern parts/technology) draws from all the latest technological advancements in automobile technology over the past 4 decades to enhance the performance, comfort and safety of the classic car. A restomod project has the timeless appearance of the original, but the antiquated machinery of the classic vehicle is replaced with more modern, high-performance advancements of today. City Classic Cars is the premier “Restomod Factory” with over 18,000+ square footage and 5 acres committed to the restoring of classic vehicles through a one-stop facility. 

Ready to Go Builds by City Classic Cars 

City Classic Cars specializes in building SEMA Restomods, American car and truck Full Restorations, Pro Touring Performance Fabrications, Partial Restorations and Classic Car Maintenance led by SEMA master car builder, Sabra Johnson of Houston, Texas.  City Classic Cars is Houston's #1 Performance Fabrication Center and Full Restoration Shop. If you are interested in acquiring one of our restomod or restored vehicles, please contact Our Sales Team Now 

Disclaimer: Although Sabra is a SEMA Car Builder, many of the cars of the Barn have been purchased at open auctions, private sellers and local dealers as we buy and sell classic cars globally.

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